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HOW TO STACK GRIPTAPE   Many have asked "how does Stay Stoked compare to (insert inferior brands)" and I tell them time and time again...  Our grip is by far the best bang for your buck, It's sharp & gritty, it lasts as long or longer than many other brands, and is able to form to whatever concave you would like.  Speaking of concave, do you have any boards laying around that you love? But don't like to ride because it just doesn't "feel" right under your feet? Well go watch this our new video, cop some grip, and get that board mounted up and feeling PRIME.  

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  We launched our first product last year and decided to go HAM with the edits. Traveling the entire west coast, we took it upon ourselves to get all the homies together and tackle every hill we could. From the most northwest town in the US... Blaine, WA, where our very own Trenton Aiello resides, to the legendary runs just outside Los Angeles. Peep our new edit and WATCH TO THE END to get a 30% discount code!    

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